A tradition of quality...In 1992 Todd and Victoria started making candles in their garage that soon became a soaring business. Their original candle company, St. Johnsbury Candles and Potpourri, candle line grew in popularity from a personal tradition of making candles for gifts for family and friends. Their popularity led them to doing local arts and craft festivals which led them to the top nationally known art and craft festival Shaker Woods in Columbiana, Ohio and now traveling to other popular art and craft shows such as Christmas in the Country, Hamburg, New York; Plantation Christmas, Williamsburg, Virginia; Christmas in the Woods, Columbiana, Ohio; Prairie Peddler, Butler, Ohio; Pennsylvania Arts and Crafts Festivals: Colonial Festival, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Christmas Festival, Washington, Pennsylvania and the Holiday Spectacular, Baden, Pennsylvania.

On July 1, 2003 St. Johnsbury Candles, Inc. 14,000 square foot production facility and the wholesale and mail order division were totally lost to a fire.  The fire was a result of a power outage throughout the town. Once the power was reinstated to the area, it resulted in three powerful surges that overloaded the building circuits igniting multiple fires within the building. Everything was lost, but most importantly, no one was hurt.

Rising from the Ashes...St. Johnsbury Perfect Scents was born
We recieved thousands of cards, letters, and phone calls requesting that we try to find a way to continue making our candles. Making a great candle is what we do best, so ... Todd, along with good friends and customer donations, started SJ Perfect Scents in August 2004. Keeping with a founder's dream and a passion for making superior quality candles with an exceptional value, still inspires every product we make.

Although the business has changed, some things have not; every candle is hand poured with a formula developed over a lifetime of experience, a focus on customers' needs and guarantee of satisfaction. Our long lasting, slow burning, most fragrant true scents still hold the same superior quality you have been accustomed to since 1992.

All of us at SJPS proudly hand pour our candles in New Waterford, Ohio a small community which keeps with our tradition of hometown pride and hospitality with strong work ethic and commitment to quality workmanship. We challenge ourselves everyday to work harder to improve quality and service from our friendly staff when you place an order, to our dedicated crafts people, to our dedicated shipping staff our candle popularity continues to grow.

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