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Perfect Scents

Making a quality candle is "all in the details." Everyone here at SJ Perfect Scents takes particular pride in their careful attention to detail from pouring to packing and invoicing, everyone cares about the quality of your candles. We hand pour all of our candles, produce quality fragrances that "smell so real you can't tell the difference from the real thing™!", and we hand pack all of our shipments. It's the personal touch that makes the difference. Our customers appreciate quality and our business is dedicated to giving you the best in quality and customer care.

Our candles are hand crafted under strict quality control using the most refined wax, the richest colors and the finest fragrance oils.

Ounce for ounce our candles are superior in quality and are an exceptional value; our wax pools to the rim of the container and burns slow like an oil lamp leaving your jar clean and free from wax on the sides of the jar. We only use high quality paper, cotton or zinc core wicks creating a long quality burn time and our fragrances will fill your home with wonderful scent that last to the very bottom of the jar.

If you like Yankee then you will love St. Johnsbury’s Perfect Scents candles. Yankee’s fragrance and quality cannot compare … guaranteed!

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